Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Chapel Hill, NC

Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Chapel Hill, NC

  • Hodge & Kittrell
  • 06/12/23

A home sale requires much more from sellers than simply listing their properties on a local MLS. To attract the right kind of buyer, sellers need to prepare their properties through staging, marketing, and other tasks. With the help of a Chapel Hill real estate agent, sellers have access to all the information and resources they need to time, price, and prepare their properties to sell. Follow this ultimate guide to sell your home like a pro.

Search for an Agent

Homeowners who are ready to list their properties should search for an experienced agent local to the area like Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty. A quality agent listens to their client’s goals for a sale and is always available to address any questions or concerns. Using market data and their deep local knowledge, agents help with pricing a listing, staging the home, and advertising the property for buyers to find.

Only licensed agents have access to a local MLS which is a powerful tool in boosting a home’s visibility. Alongside this, agents are well connected with other buyers’ agents in the area and use this to proactively search for interested buyers.

Make Repairs and Upgrades

After finding the right agent, sellers should prepare their home to list. Begin by making smaller repairs such as fixing leaky faucets, replacing light bulbs, or filling holes in the wall. This shows buyers that the property has been maintained. A seller can also order a pre-listing home inspection to uncover any larger issues. Doing so gives sellers the opportunity to fix problems before they become an obstacle during the offer and negotiation process.

Although not necessary, sellers whose Chapel Hill, North Carolina real estate appears outdated, or who want to bump up their property value, can make select upgrades. An agent can help sellers select projects with a high return on investment that buyers in the area will like. Bathroom and kitchen upgrades have some of the highest ROIs for sellers as buyers appreciate newer looks for these frequently used rooms.

Stage Your Home

When projects are complete, sellers can start staging their homes. Home staging is important to the listing process because it helps buyers imagine a property as their own. First, make the interior spacious and organized by decluttering each room. Sellers who sort through and donate unneeded belongings also save themselves time packing in the moving process. Then, deep clean the home by mopping and vacuuming floors, wiping down surfaces, and dusting off shelves and cabinets.

Tailor a home’s interior décor to a buyer’s taste by redecorating in light and neutral tones. Sellers should take down decorations that don’t appeal to all tastes as well as personal photos and souvenirs. Make each room look warm and inviting by letting in natural light and leaving interior lights on. Sellers listing in nature-filled Chapel Hill neighborhoods should bump up curb appeal by trimming trees and clearing walkways of debris.

Market On and Offline

A Chapel Hill realtor markets a seller’s property online by listing it on a local MLS. To do this, they’ll take professional photographs that capture a home’s features and create a captivating listing description. To target buyers unfamiliar with Chapel Hill, agents will add details about local amenities like UNC Finley Golf Course, events at the Village Green, or shopping in the historic downtown. To boost the listing’s visibility even more, an agent will market it on a single-click property website and through social media.

An agent also markets the property offline by placing a sign in front of the property, sending out mailers, and organizing private home showings or an open house. An agent will work with a seller’s schedule as best as possible when planning out individual showings so a seller can prepare the home accordingly. It’s best for sellers not to attend showings and open houses so buyers can view the home more comfortably.

Negotiate Buyer Offers

When buyers start making offers on a seller’s home or land for sale near Chapel Hill, NC, the seller’s agent will work to review each buyers’ qualifications and negotiate terms with the buyer’s agent. Sellers should be mindful of their own selling goals when weighing factors like a buyer’s contingencies, the offer price, and closing dates. An agent will help sellers compare different offers and provide advice when deciding which to select.

Close on the Sale

After coming to an agreement, both parties can start the closing process. A buyer will likely order a home inspection and a home appraisal. If inspection and appraisal contingencies are included in an offer, a seller might have to re-enter negotiations if problems arise. At this time, a seller should finish packing their belongings and clean up the home for a final walkthrough.

Sellers should also prepare for closing costs. In North Carolina, closing costs for sellers averages 2.74% of the final sale price. These expenses go towards paying off title service fees, recording fees, transfer taxes, and any buyer incentives. Sellers will also have to pay property taxes for the months they lived in the home. In Orange County, annual property taxes average 1.09% of a home’s assessed fair market value.

Ready to Sell Your Home?

Individuals can list their homes confidently with this complete guide and the help of a professional. Home sellers who partner with a local agent have all the tools they need for a successful sale. Not only do agents have the market knowledge needed to price and list a property effectively, but they also have a local understanding of buyers in the area that they use to guide the sale. When you’re ready to list your home, contact the experienced agents at Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty for an unparalleled client experience.

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