Luxury Home Buying Guide for Raleigh, NC

Luxury Home Buying Guide for Raleigh, NC

  • Hodge & Kittrell Inc.
  • 04/6/23

Raleigh is a highly ranked and diverse city overflowing with prime attractions. Luxury homebuyers can choose from elegant historic homes, forest escapes, or spacious Raleigh properties in the heart of downtown. However, finding the perfect home can be challenging without the right help. When starting your search for luxury properties in the area, use Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty’s guide to help ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Define luxury for yourself

Based on personal preference and location, the subjectiveness of “luxury” homes makes it tricky to define. Typically, luxury properties make up the top 10% of real estate in a local market. These homes are larger, reside within exclusive or premium areas, and are built with high-quality materials that uphold a property’s value. Unlike others in the area, these homes tend to have extravagant designs and incorporate updated appliances and the latest technology.

When searching for new single-family homes for sale in Raleigh, NC, decide what home features are the most important to you. Buyers looking for quieter, more comfortable living may prefer homes in upscale, residential neighborhoods like Historic Oakwood. This 19th-century neighborhood is known for its gorgeous and well-preserved New Classical, Craftsman, and Queen Anne homes. Other neighborhoods like North Hills feature upscale apartments near high-end shopping, outdoor concerts, and premier fine-dining restaurants that attract affluent residents.

Work with real estate experts

Luxury real estate often goes unlisted on local public platforms. This is because sellers don’t want to attract curiosity from those who have no intention of buying. Many sellers also want to maintain their privacy. This makes it difficult for buyers to undergo individual searches online. Although some luxury homes are listed on public platforms, they don’t last on these sites for very long. Without professional help, buyers miss out on the full range of options available in the area.

For the best chance of success when searching for Raleigh luxury real estate, partner with professionals who specialize in luxury real estate, like Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty, whose network connections with sellers’ agents can help you find the right home that matches your needs and wants. They’ll schedule home showings on your behalf and advise you on any aspects of the home-buying process you’re unfamiliar with. When you’ve found a home you love, they’ll prepare an offer that stands out to sellers and negotiate with your goals in mind.

Research the neighborhood

All homebuyers should research the location they’re interested in before making a purchase. Although a home can be renovated or remodeled, you cannot pick up your home and move it into a new neighborhood or city, so it’s essential for you to take a deep look at the area you’re purchasing in. Research the area’s everyday essentials, such as grocery stores, school districts, emergency services, and repair shops. Then, review the area for amenities you’re interested in, like parks, shopping, restaurants, and other entertainment.

Raleigh is full of exciting recreation fit for all types of residents. Families love Pullen Park, one of the world's oldest parks. Wedged between North Carolina State University and Downtown Raleigh, visitors can pedal boat Lake Howell, play on its fields, or watch a performance at the Theatre in the Park. The MST Trail also cuts through Raleigh, providing residents with forested hiking at Blue Jay Point County Park and the Wilkerson Nature Preserve.

Always view a home in person

Visit Raleigh houses for sale in person to truly understand the property’s features and atmosphere. Although images posted with luxury listings are likely high-quality and showcase a home’s amenities, photos fail to capture the true feeling of a property. This is because a room’s square footage doesn’t translate well in two-dimensional media outlets such as photos. Instead, what results is an impersonal or lifeless depiction that is unfaithful to the actual property.

Instead, use listing photos to assess a home’s layout, design, and specific features. Then, visit in person with an agent to get a feel for the home and the neighborhood. An in-person visit gives buyers an up-close view of any unnoticeable issues in photos. An agent with a trained eye can point out potential red flags or good signs to help inform your decision. Take the time to walk through a neighborhood or down the street to better understand who you’ll be living next to.

Negotiate your terms with the help of an agent

When it’s time to negotiate a luxury home purchase, luxury real estate agencies in Raleigh, NC, will have the skills and market data to represent your goals and conditions as stated in an offer letter.

Before submitting an offer, decide what you’re willing to concede on and what is a dealbreaker. This protects you from making concessions under duress that you may regret after a home purchase. If you’re unsure about negotiations during the process, an agent can offer advice using their experience and current market insights.

Enter with a long-term mindset

Finding the right home can take a long time, especially when searching for more exclusive properties like luxury real estate. Allow yourself the space to thoroughly review a home’s specifications and the area’s perks before purchasing. It may be tempting to act quickly, but when it comes to large purchases like a home, it’s best to proceed carefully.

Ready to search in Raleigh?

Are you interested in Raleigh houses for sale? Eager to enter the luxury real estate market? If so, you should partner with a local professional specializing in high-end real estate, such as the team at Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty, whose real estate experts can help you through every step of the way, from finding luxury homes that meet your requirements and exploring neighborhoods to navigating the tricky waters of negotiations and walking you through the closing process. Their guidance and knowledge of the local market will be invaluable as you enter the market and search for your dream home as opposed to just any Raleigh realtor. Contact  today to get started!

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